Chalk Paint® Workshops
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Basic 101          Workshop II           Chips & Salsa

March 10, 2018                                            
10:30 am - 1:30 pm                  At your convenience                       At your convenience

April  14, 2018                                                
10:30 am - 1:30 pm                  At your convenience                       At your convenience

May 12, 2018                                                                               
10:30 am - 1:30 pm                  At your convenience                       At your convenience                 
BYOP & Growth Chart Workshops

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Chalk Paint®101 The Basics
Second  Saturday each month.  These are relaxed fun workshops to get started with Chalk Paint® or get better acquainted. Create 3 finishes; two color distressed, textured, and crackled on sample boards to take home. Clear/dark wax applications and brush strokes are also covered. All materials are provided.  Our classes are limited to 6. 
Cost $100 $25 deposit is required. 
Refreshments are provided 
Find 4-6 of your favorite friends and schedule your own workshop.


 Workshop II              
 After learning the basic techniques in the 101 workshop, this is your opportunity to put your creativity to work. 10  Advanced techniques will be taught AND you will take home a finished piece of furniture supplied by us that you can finish after the workshop!
Cost $175  $25 deposit is required  

Deposit for each workshop
Price: $25.00
Deposit for each workshop:

Bring Your Own Piece   
Spend an afternoon in our Workshop. Bring a piece of furniture that you can easily carry into the store (3' x 3'). We will cover one basic technique of your choice from Annie's Book.
Cost $65  $25 deposit is required   
Basic 101 Workshop
Basic Fee
Price: $100.00
Workshop II
Workshop II Fee
Price: $175.00

 *Call to schedule for any date or time at your convenience*

Chips & Salsa (The chippy look)
Create a worn "chippy" look with  layers of paint.  This worn look mimics old painted pieces as if scraped off revealing layers.  It is a more robust and rugged look in clear colors.  Come enjoy this laid back workshop including chips and salsa.  
Cost $75  $25 deposit is required 

*Call to schedule  any Workshop at your convenience
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